S.W.A.N.K Dala It Yourself Collabs T-shirts

S.W.A.N.K Dala It Yourself Collabs T-shirts

Dala It Yourself Studios by S.W.A.N.K has come full circle this September with the launch of their collab T-shirts with 3 creatives/artists.

The Collab T-shirts feature Bodega Boyz, Ntswembu and Chowmein.
These T-shirts feature custom designs and curated creative directions from the collaborators.

Bodega Boyz : Klerksdorp Based lifestyle brand inspired by the corner store hangout culture with the crew/ homies and the gang. This crew sees their group and affiliates associated with groundbreaking musicians, designers and street culture connoisseurs.

Ntswembu : Joburg based art director practicing as a street based 'nail pimp'/ nail tech and as a hair stylist. There are no limits for Ntswembu as a multi talented creative. This emerging talent has her hands full with making sure your are looking your best. Tse Ntswembu, Tse Blind. The Best, The flyest.

Chowmein : International known graffiti head with the most noticeable name and character tags you have seen on the freeway, under a bridge or on your street poles but you probably not aware who it is. Chowmein is one of South Africa's most rad and iconic multi disciplinary Graffiti artist. No forks needed!

These collab T-shirts are now available in-store and online.